May I introduce myself, my name is David Pearlman and I have been engaged in the joy of water, fish and plants since my early teens. Some 40 years ago while managing Westwood Aquarium in West Los Angeles, I first started a professional aquarium, pond cleaning and maintenance company. In 1973, I migrated to Boulder, CO to complete my education at the University of Colorado and have been here ever since. I design, repair and recommend treatments for all types of water features. Designing Ponds, Filtration systems, habitats for Koi and other water creatures has been my most enjoyable work to date. I understand the many approaches to water and fish habitats. Some Water Features are designed with a religious approach, others a-la- natural, and still others represent a concept as far out as indoor/outdoor. When I visit with you I will gain insight in what to design for you and what specifically you desire. Your satisfaction is my thank you!